Adopt a ready-made AP Computer Science syllabus from Popfizz for AP Course Audit.

1. Log in to the AP Course Audit. 
2. From the Courses, click "Submit Course Document".
*If you haven't added your courses, see the below instructions on Completing the Course Audit Form.

3. Under "Select a submission type", click "Adopt Unit Guides, a Sample Syllabus, or Endorsed Provider Syllabus".

4. Click "Popfizz Sample Syllabus". Then "Submit".

Completing the Course Audit Form:

Follow along if the 'Submit Course Document' button is not active (not clickable).

1. "Add course". Select the course from the drop down. Then
2. "Complete Course Audit Form".
3. Fill out the form. Under Textbook Selection, click select Textbook. Then select "AP Endorsed Provider Resource. Popfizz. CSA.

4. Submit for Administrator Approval

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