You can enroll your students in multiple ways.

  1. Go to 'My Classroom Management' area from your course or from the 'Dashboard'.

  2. Click 'enrollment' from the side menu. Then choose how you want to add your students:

Option 1 - Adding students using a Classroom code:
Share the Classroom code given on the Enrollment page. The code can be enlarged by clicking on the 'expand' button.
Students can join the class by 1) signing up, then from the Dashboard, 2) clicking on the 'Enroll in Classroom' button, and 3) entering the Classroom code.

Option 2 - Send your students an invitation email that includes a Sign-up link and a class code. You can also copy the email content and send it from your school's email system.

  1. Click Send an email.

  2. In the To: field, you can comma separate email one by one or copy-paste multiple from a spreadsheet.

  3. Click Send.

* If students don't see the email in the inbox, ask to check the spam folder.

Option 3 - Adding students using a Google Classroom import button:
Click on 'Import from Google Classroom' to import your Google Classroom roster.

Option 4 - Adding students by searching their email:
In the User ID search box, enter the student email, then click 'Add'.  If the student hasn't created an account at Popfizz, the name won't show up. 

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