See what your students have created. Give code reviews and feedback.

There are two ways to do this:

Option - 1

  1. From the 'Classroom Management' area, click on 'Progress' from the side menu. This will take you to a progress overview page. 

  2. To drill down to individual student progress, click on 'Units next to the 'Overview' menu from the top menu.

  3. From the task table, click on the task block of the student you want to look at. Hover over the task block to see the project title. 

Option - 2

  1. From the course, go to the task that you want to look at. 

  2. From the bottom right side, click on the 'roster' icon to see the list of students. 

  3. Click on the student name to see the student's work.

You can give comments and/or grades for open-ended projects by clicking on the 'pencil icon' on the bottom left. 

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