The Course

  • This is the main content area where students go through tutorials, questions, and labs.

  • The course displays one task per page

  • The teacher controls what students can access.

The Course Structure

  1. Task number

  2. Title of the task

  3. Curriculum navigation

  4. Main content area: Study materials (article, video), Quiz questions, Coding questions

  5. Roster button

  6. Classroom management button

Classroom Management

  • This is the section where the Teacher can track student progress and manage the class.

  • Enroll students, control content access, release assignment and exams, track student progress

  • Grade student projects

  • Get Teaching resources such as solution guides, lesson plans, etc.

Classroom Management Section

To get to the Class Management area, click on the Gear icon at the bottom left corner of the course page. Or, click on ‘My Classroom Management’ from the Dashboard menu.

Select the course from the left dropdown menu.

  1. Progress – track student progress

  2. Resources – get course resources

  3. Access – control content access

  4. Assignments – release assignments

  5. Exams – release exams

  6. Enrollment – enroll your students

  7. Settings – update settings for the course

  8. Back to Classroom

Setting up your Classroom

]From the Settings section, you can rename your classroom, add co-teachers, turn ON the share options for your LMS, turn on/off the forum and turn the hint on/off for your students.

Enrolling your students

There are three ways to enroll students. Go to the Enrollment menu.

Option 1. Add students by email.

Option 2. Use the class code to invite your students.

Option 3. Import roster from Google Classroom

Content Access Control

Control student access to the course content

  1. From the Classroom Management section, go to the Chapters tab.

  2. Toggle Access button On/Off to show or hide content.

Giving Assignments and Exams

Release assignments and exams to your students. Both Assignments and Exams work in the same way.

  1. From the Classroom Management section, go to the Assignments tab.

  2. Click “Settings”.

  3. Click “Go” to preview the assignment.

Schedule your assignment.

  1. Publish – Toggle Publish to ON to show the Assignment page. If the current date and time are not within the Start Date and the End Date, then students will see an Assignment Summary, not the Assignment questions.

  2. Start Date and End Date – Assignment questions are available only within the Start Date and the End Date.

  3. Show results – Toggle Show results ON to show students their grades.

  4. Instructions – Add your own description here.

  5. Save – Save settings.

Giving Assignments and Exams (Student Side)

  • From the Dashboard, students can see the Assignments and Exams that are due under the To-do column. Students can click on the link to get to the assigned task.

  • Hover over the link, students will get more detailed information.

  • If you have ‘Show Results’ ON, then students can get to the Assignment or Exam page and see their scores after the end date.

Checking Student Progress

  1. From the Classroom Management section, go to the Progress tab.

  2. Click on the Overview, Chapters, Assignments, or Exams tab to see student progress.

  3. Clicking on the individual task under the Chapters tab will let you see student’s work and add your own feedback.

Giving Feedback on Student Project-1

From the Progress tab, click on the square to see the student project. Hover to see the task title.

Giving Feedback on Student Project-2

From the student project page,

  • Click on the Pencil icon to give feedback.

  • From the dropdown menu, select the Mark. Once you give your students the mark, the progress box will be color-coded. (Need Improvement – 1, Good – 2, Excellent – 3)

  • Enter Comments and “Save”.

  • Click on the Key icon on the bottom right corner to pull up the solution. Copy and paste the solution as needed.

  • Click on the student name from the roster list to view the student project.

  • Click Teacher name to exit View Mode.

Access to Resources

From the Classroom Management section, go to the Resources tab.

Here, you can find Lesson Plans, Slides, Handouts, and other classroom resources.

* Content updates are made on a regular basis so be sure to check that you have the latest documents.

My Content

Create your own content and add it to your list of Assignments. Two types of content are supported.

  1. Article - Add readings, videos, and other instructional type content.

  2. Workbook - Add multiple choice and short answer type questions.

Ongoing Support

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