By creating Popfizz Activities on Moodle, teachers are able to add activities that allow students to single-sign-on to Popfizz and go straight to the designated assignments. In order to do this, LTI Integration needs to be complete. Also, your students will need to be added to the Popfizz course in order for the link activity to work.

To learn more about how to set up LTI integration, read this article.

To learn more about adding your students to the Popfizz section, read this article.

Creating a Popfizz Activity on Moodle

  1. From the Moodle Classroom, Turn editing on. Then click "Add an activity or resource."

  2. Select "External Tool".

3. Enter Activity name, select Popfizz Computer Science from Preconfiguration tool, then click "Show more".

4. Set Launch Container to "New Window".

5. Most importantly, we'll need to grab the Custom parameters information from Popfizz tasks. Go to the task that you want to add. Click 'Share' and select Moodle. The Custom parameter information will be copied.

6. Back to Moodle activity settings page, in the Custom parameters field, paste in the copied information.

7. Enter other information as necessary. Then click "Save and display" or "Save and return to course."

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