Integrate Popfizz with Schoology in just a few steps. This will let your students single sign-on from Schoology to Popfizz.

Getting the Consumer Key and Shared Secret

To get the integration information for your LMS admin, fill out this form.

System Settings at Schoology

Once you receive the integration information, follow these steps to set up the integration. Here is the How-to-guide provided by Schoology.

Getting Custom Parameters

Entering custom parameters in Schoology settings allows you to direct students to a specific page on Popfizz. In order to get the custom parameter, you must first turn ON Schoology parameters from Popfizz.

  1. Go to My Classroom Management > Settings > Options. Then turn Schoology ON.

2. Then go to the task that you want to share on Schoology. From the top right corner, click "Share", then select Copy Schoology Parameters.

3. Paste in the parameters to the Custom Parameters field in Schoology.

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