In addition to the Popfizz content, you can add your own articles and questions as Assignments. There are two parts to the process: 1) Create the content, 2) Add them to the assignment.

Part-1: Creating the content

1. From the Dashboard, click on the "My Content" tab. This is your content bank.

2. Click on the "Create" button. Choose between an article and a question.

  • article - Blog post type which you can embed videos, add images, and text.
  • question - Two question types are supported - Multiple choice and short answer. More types will be supported soon!

Adding an article:

Article type lets you add videos, images, text, and nicely formatted code. You can add multiple pages to a single article activity.

  • Activity Name - Enter an activity name. Having a naming convention will make it easier to keep track of the content.
  • Activity Description (optional) - Activity description will show up on the top of the page.
  • Add task button - Add Pages.

Adding a Question

Add multiple choice or short answer questions. After selecting Question, Add an activity name, and activity description (optional). Then click on the Add Task button to choose between a multiple-choice and a short answer question. You can add multiple questions to an activity.

3. Once you create the content you can preview and test it.

Part-2: Adding the content to an Assignment

4. Go to the Assignment tab from My Classroom Management. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Click on the "+ Add My Assignment" button.

5. Add the activities you've created.
A. Add the Title of the Assignment.

B. Add the Activity title.

C. Then click on Link Activity. This will pull up the content bank with the activities that you've created. Select the activity to add to the assignment.

D. To add more content click on Add Activity.

E. Once all content is added, click Preview to see check the content. Click Add to finalize the assignment.

6. Click on Settings to publish the assignment.

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