Add your own content and projects to your course. This is done in two parts.

Part-1: Creating your own content

  1. From the Dashboard, click 'My Content'.

  2. Click 'Create' to choose the content type.

  3. Choose the type and create your content.

Part-2: Adding the content to the course

To add the content to the course, go to the management section of the course. You can add the content as an assignment or an exam. In this example, we'll add the content as an assignment.

  1. Go to Assignments.

  2. Click "Add My Assignment".

3. Give the Assignment a title. Then click 'Add Activity' to add your content.

4. Click 'Link Activity'. This will pull up a list of all your custom content. Select the content you would like to add.

5. Click 'Add' to finalize the assignment. 'Preview' to see the assignment.

Now the assignment is ready for your students!

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