Publish assignments and exams for your students.

  1. Go to 'My Classroom Management' > 'Assignments' or 'Exams'.

  2. Click 'Settings' for any of the preloaded or custom added assignments or exams.

  3. Enter Settings.

    Publish - 'ON' will show the cover page of the assignment that has the start and the end dates, and the instructions. Once the Start date is reached, the cover page will let students 'Start' the assignment.

    Date - Enter the start date and time, and the end date and time to make the assignment accessible.

    Show Results - 'ON' will immediately grade student attempts. 'OFF', students will not be able to see the results. If you have multiple sections on different days taking one of the exams, you can turn 'ON' Show Results once all sections have taken the exam.

    <Student view - Show Results 'OFF'>

    <Student view - Show Results 'ON'>

    Instructions - Enter instructions.

  4. Save.

For students, once the exam or the assignment becomes accessible, they'll be able to get to it directly from the dashboard under the To-do column.

<Student view>

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