Save your code projects to your own project workspace. Projects that you've worked on in the curriculum course can be exported to the Workspace and can be managed, updated, and shared with anyone. Export your work from the Popfizz course to the Workspace or, create one right from the Workspace.

<Export project from the Course to the Workspace>

  1. From the classroom code project, click on the menu icon.

2. Click on "Copy to Workspace"

3. Enter the Title and Project Description. This can be updated later.

4. Click "Go to Workspace". You can get to this section from the Dashboard, too.

<Create a Project from the Workspace>

  1. Go to My Project from the Dashboard. Click on the Create button.

2. Select the project type.

3. Code!

<Manage your Projects from the Workspace>

A. Details - Edit the Title and Project Description. Change Access.

B. Code - Edit your code.

C. Access - When access is set to 'public', click on it to get the share URL. By default, the project is set as private. Go to 'Details' to change this.

D. Open - Click to see the share link.

<B. Code - Code Editor>

When you click on the Code button, you'll be taken to an editor to update your code.

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