The Class Gallery lets you showcase student projects inside your Popfizz course. Students can share their best work, and play each other's creation. This is done in two parts - 1) Teacher setting up the Gallery, and 2) Students making submissions. Give this link to your students to help them make the submissions.

Student guide →

Setting up the Gallery

  1. Go to the Classroom Management section.

  2. Click Gallery.

  3. Click Add a Gallery button.

4. Enter the Title of the Gallery. Toggle student submission ON or OFF. You can edit this later.

  • Submission ON - Students can submit their work to the Gallery.

  • Submission OFF - Students can't make submissions. The already submitted ones will remain in the Gallery.

5. Gallery all set!

Students Submissions

Student can submit their work to the Class Gallery from My Projects area.

  1. Go to the Task that you want to submit.

  2. Click on the triple dots (⋮) and select Copy to Workspace to export work. This Copy will be submitted to the Gallery not the task itself.

2. Enter a title and a description. This can be edited later. Click Copy.

When prompted to Go to the Workspace.

3. From My Project area, you'll be able to see all projects that you've exported or created. Click Details.

4. From the Publish to Class Gallery option, select which Gallery to submit to. Click Save.

The Project is now published and showcased in the Class Gallery!

Students are allowed to make updates to their work. To do so, from My Project Section, click Code to update the code.

Link to the Student guide:

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