There are various types of tasks. Some of them are auto-graded and some require manual grading.

* requires manual grading





videos, tutorials


multiple choice, checkbox, short answer, drag and drops,

* essay

Code - open-ended

* Open-ended code task types are not auto-graded. When a student makes a submission, the icon turns yellow. The course management side status box also turns yellow indicating that the project is ready for review. Use the grader tool to provide feedback. [tutorial]

Code - auto-graded

The auto-graded code types have test cases that test student code with various input values. The file with the main method is hidden. For example, if the task is to create a unit converter method, then the auto-grader will test various values and see if the output matches the expected value.


  • Article - Clicking 'Got it' → 'Good'.

  • Question - Correct → 'Good', Wrong → 'Need Improvement'

  • Code Auto-graded - Correct → 'Good', Wrong → 'Need Improvement'

Manual Grading:

Yellow icon indicates that the student has made a submission.

  • Give grade out of the three options:

    • Need Improvement - 0

    • Good - 1

    • Excellent - 2

* The label and score can be customized.

Manual Grading

  1. From Classroom Management >> Progress >> Unit, click on the Need Review icon to jump to the student project.


    From the Roster Panel, click on the student name to see the submission.

    2. Click on the Yellow Grade icon. Select mark and enter feedback. Save.

    3. Go down the roster to grade the next student.

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